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Living in harmony.

To manage your dog’s behaviour, start by thinking like a dog.

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Welcome to DogTech.

We’ve been working with dogs and their families for over 25 years, perfecting a ‘whole picture’ approach to behavioural training called WhisperWise®. Changing behaviour is about building a positive relationship, where everybody has a place, and everybody speaks the same language. Get that right and you’ll be on your way to achieving real harmony and happiness in your household. DogTech® behaviour training is available one-on-one or in groups.

Our Philosophy.

No two households are the same, so there’s no single answer to a dog’s issues. Remember, we’re not attempting to ‘control’ the dog, we’re creating a lasting relationship between you and your dog that guides behaviour naturally.

We call this training ‘etiquette’ rather than ‘obedience’. Sure, an obedient dog will do what it’s told. But a dog with good social etiquette often knows what to do without being told, and doesn’t require constant ‘rewards’.

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Dogs over five months old are introduced to structured obedience and socialisation. In partnership with the Local Council, our behavioural specialists teach your dog community etiquette and safety over three weeks (one hour a week) in a fun and engaging way.

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DogTech® currently offers training services in Sydney, Adelaide and Goulburn Valley.

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