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In-Home Harmony:

Like many people, dogs have distinct personalities and respond accordingly to the environment, in which they’re living in. But when the negative behaviours develop and aren’t acknowledged or addressed, those traits can affect the bond between you and your dog, and cause further stress and anxiety in the home.

Those behaviours may include –

  • excessive dog barking and jumping
  • aggressive dog behaviour
  • anti-social dog behaviour
  • pulling on the leash
  • general aggression
  • over excitement, digging and chewing
  • territorial issues including soiling and marketing
  • fearful behaviour and separation anxiety
  • nipping and biting
  • teething problems

This is why assessing and training your dog in its day-to-day living environment is essential. During our initial consultation, we will review and identify any external issues that may affect your dog’s behaviours before establishing and guiding you on the right actions and responses in all aspects of owner-dog communication, behaviour and boundaries.

How do we do this?

At the core of every dog behavioural program is DogTech® International’s acclaimed Whisper Wise® methodology which focuses on correcting any negative traits in a holistic approach.

No matter the breed, age or temperament of your dog, our team of highly-trained dog behavioural specialists will address any issue of concern and customise an individual dog behavioural program to suit your dog’s temperament and your lifestyle requirements. 

Babies and dogs:

When your dog has been the centre of your universe for all its life, it is often very hard for him/her to lose its place to the newest member of the family.

Here’s an example of what your dog may experience: 

Just imagine the many overwhelming changes your dog will now face when your new baby arrives home; from the many new sights, smells and sounds it will hear and sense, to a daily routine that will no longer include walks or visits to the local dog park. Even more distressing is the fact that your dog will no longer have your undivided attention. 

This is why it’s important to teach your dog the right adjustment skills before your baby is born. 

We can implement a tailored Whisper Wise® Bringing Up Baby program that will prepare and train your dog to adapt to the new, in-home lifestyle experiences and counter any potential behaviours that may affect your new family and dog’s well-being. So when you bring your baby home from the hospital, your dog will share the excitement with the family in a safe and friendly way. 

If you are currently in a situation where your dog is exhibiting jealous and/or territorial behaviours with your newborn, we will again counter the issues and pave the way for in-home harmony.

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.