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Summer Holidays


The summer holidays and festive season are just around the corner but there are always a few questions which dog owners raise. To bring or not to bring the family dog?

Thankfully, dog owners now have plenty of pet-friendly options to choose from.

Whether your preference is for home-boarding, a dog-friendly hotel, a dog-friendly holiday camp or an established kennel, it’s always good to seek out a recommendation from your local vet or other dog owners who have been in a similar position.

Make sure that you discuss your dog’s personality, special needs, and health, and the host’s ability to meet those provisions.

So where do you start?

Pet-friendly getaways:

  • Uptown Dog: Look for a pet-friendly hotel or motel with rooms that connect to a secure outdoor area and ensure that the establishment is within an easy stroll to a dog-friendly park. Some hotels may offer also dog-walking and dog-grooming services. If you choose to stay at a campsite by the beach or bush, make sure that the establishment is also pet-friendly.
  • Anxious Dog: If your dog experiences separation anxiety, it’s important that you first address this issue with DogTech before you leave for your annual break. Also consider a private boarding lodge for dogs with a full-time carer who can give your dog the required attention, activities and love during your absence.
  • Energetic Dog: Before you leave, make sure that your dog’s ‘boundless’ energy is considered acceptable by any prospective dog-sitter and that they have a safe and large backyard to accommodate your dog and its toys. And if you’re concerned about your energetic dog, the right host should not only have a clear understanding of your dog’s boisterous personality but has already undergone dog behaviour training. Additionally, it’s a good idea to ensure that your dog’s host lives within striking distance of a dog-friendly park for its daily exercise. Don’t hesitate to call DogTech to the home for a consultation to ensure that you dog’s needs are met.
  • Puppy Love: If you have a puppy, we recommended that you choose an establishment that offers full supervision and a puppy-proof environment when it begins to explore. A retiree or stay-at-home mum would offer the perfect home for your pup’s guest stay.
  • Elderly Dog: Most senior dogs have special needs and often require oral or injected medications. Make sure that your host is well-equipped to deal with your dog’s medical needs and can perform CPR. We also recommend that you find a place that has a designated sleeping and play area that is conducive to your dog’s agility and comfort.

Up In The Air:

Your dog can become a Virgin Australia Velocity (frequent flyer) program member and earn 300 points or more each time it takes to the skies. And if the Flying Kangaroo is your dog’s choice of carrier, he or she can be booked and lodged through Qantas Freight.

Don’t be afraid to have your hosts qualify their experience by producing references and if required, dog behavioural and medical certificates. Always check out their references and conduct an internet search for customer feedback. Your local vet will also have a list of suitable establishments on hand.