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Special needs of rescue dogs

Medical or behavioural issues may not be immediately obvious when you adopt a rescue dog, but its important to be aware of the possibilities so you can deal with them effectively, and build [...]

Tough toys for big dogs

If you own a large breed of dog, you’ll be well aware of how quickly their powerful jaws can destroy almost any dog toy you give them. In recent years, many toys have [...]

Hounds and Holidays

While there are good options for housing your furry friend while you’re away on holiday, don’t discount the possibility of taking her with you on your adventure. With You can now find pet-friendly [...]

The Look of Love

Our special relationship with dogs is a bond that’s been in place for tens of thousands of years. We all know that wonderful feeling when our dog looks up at us lovingly. DogTech’s [...]

Battling ‘Dog Breath’

Battling dog breath isn't fun and there’s a reason ‘dog breath’ isn’t a compliment. Just like humans, dogs face dental issues like tartar and plaque build-up, and gingivitis; which can lead to more [...]

Kids and Dogs!

The psychology behind raising a puppy or introducing a dog to your home is not that different from raising kids. They’re both inquisitive, impulsive and excitable, and without the right supervision things can [...]