The Importance of Professional Training for Your Large Breed Dog

//The Importance of Professional Training for Your Large Breed Dog

The Importance of Professional Training for Your Large Breed Dog

Large breed dogs can be very obedient and easy to train if training starts from a young age. However it is never too late to start teaching your large breed good behaviour.

Your large breed dog will commonly respond a lot better to positive reinforcement (reward) rather than being punished. Punishing your dog for bad behaviour rather than rewarding for good behaviour is a common mistake dog owners make and particularly with large breed dogs, as they get bigger, it’s important that they are trained correctly so that they do not display aggressive behaviour later on. Having a large breed dog means you have a responsibility as the dogs’ owner to ensure that his/her nature is moulded in such a way that he/she will not be intimidating to people and other dogs.

An important thing to focus on when training your large breed dog is ‘settling’. This means when a guest arrives at your house, your dog won’t become over excited or aggressive and jump on your guests. Giving your dog proper and consistent training will give you a more well-rounded, happier dog and a better quality of life not only for your dog but for yourself and your family as well.

Dogs are intelligent creatures and giving them proper training from early on is essential for their mental stimulation and therefore their happiness in the long run. It also means you will be able to take your dog to more places, meet new people and other dogs without the worry of aggression or bad behaviour. Therefore, if you have a larger breed of dog, you should strongly consider professional behavioural training with us in Sydney, Adelaide or Goulbourn Valley Victoria.