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The man who could communicate with dogs.

Over a quarter of a century ago, former business executive, the late John Richardson walked away from the corporate world to focus on his passion – dogs. In fact, John spent a lifetime studying and training dogs.

Also an advocate for dogs, John laid the foundations of DogTech® International based on his humane principles and the belief that every dog needed to have a voice to be understood. He also repelled harsh methods in favour of positive rewards.

Developing the world-acclaimed Whisper Wise® methodology ̶ a series of holistic techniques based on the rudiments of dog psychology, gentle instruction and calming rehabilitation techniques ̶ John’s legacy remains at the vanguard of dog behaviour training across Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, Japan and the United Kingdom.


A passion that created a legacy.

Working with veterinarians, dog breeders and dog rescuers and shelters, John was featured in myriad news stories and magazine articles in Australia and around the world. Adding to his growing success were his Whisper Wise® dog behaviour workshops and dog behaviour seminars and his ongoing work with RSPCA Inspectors, Council Rangers and Dog Shelters in the field.

John soon trained a small but highly-skilled team of dog behavioural specialists who today, host corporate seminars for community service providers, puppy school and group classes, and in-home consultations. And he was the author of two widely-acclaimed books, “The Dog Whisperer“(New Holland, 2001) and “Whispers of Wisdom” (New Holland, 2006).

In 2014, John Richardson passed away after a long illness and DogTech was purchased by Richard McDonald, a leading, Whisper Wise® dog behavioural specialist who was personally trained by John.

Carrying on with John’s legacy, DogTech today continues to work with dogs of all breeds including rescue and foster dogs; many that are out of the control in the home or deemed beyond saving. Additionally, Richard and his team works closely with the pet industry-at-large, veterinarians and major government organisations who service the community.

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.