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Dog Behaviour Programs With Effective Results

Did you know that dogs are not only affected by the way people communicate with them but their unique characters are shaped by the environment they live in?

Bringing positive change:

Creating positive change:

Many people do not realise that dogs see the world differently from us and accordingly, adjust their behaviour to a situation they’re confronted with. In the same way, dogs never react to a situation without a reason.

Regardless of the circumstances, those instinctive behaviours and reactions often manifest into a series of negative traits if they’re left unaddressed—or even worse, escalate into a complex behavioural issue. 

In fact, there are so many unique scenarios that can impact a dog’s inherent behaviour despite your good intentions and care; from limited socialisation, lack of boundaries, and natural breed temperament to the relationship it may have with family members including other household pets. But no matter the influences, there’s always a solution to counter any stressful behaviours.

Drawing on our 25 years of experience as leading dog behavioural specialists, we believe that dogs are not only misunderstood but are quick to adapt to a series of positive actions if they’re shown the way and duly rewarded. And at every in-home session or dog group class, we demonstrate those beliefs by revealing how dogs communicate and react to us and the world around them.

Additionally, we take away the apprehension some owners may have towards instigating change through constructive and decisive instructions—elements that consolidate the unconditional trust and bond between you and your dog.

Identifying the issues:

If you’ve encountered any number of behavioural issues, DogTech can help you reestablish the important role you play in your dog’s life.

Our in-home visits play an integral role in finding a favourable remedy as we assess your dog’s background, the individual behavioural issues and the external factors that influence them.

Those concerns may include:

  • stress and anxiety
  • excessive dog barking, excitement, and jumping
  • dog biting and aggressive behaviours
  • anti-social behaviours with family, neighbours and other dogs
  • difficulty handling the dog leash
  • excessive digging and in-home destruction
  • territorial issues including soiling, snapping and snarling
  • puppy teething problems
  • phobias

Moving forward:

At every in-home consultation, we not only teach you the difference between behavioural responses and obedience, we also explain the rudiments of dog behaviours and the psychology dogs of all breeds share.

Additionally, your dog behavioural specialist will provide you with a series of hands-on instructions and techniques which are humane, vet recommended and naturally holistic —  methods that will help you understand the way dogs think, communicate and respond to you and other family members.

Adding to your dog’s ongoing development are a number of secondary elements which we will review including its diet and fitness, and the required consistency and commitment to the program it will take to form the foundations of your dog’s future success.

Every individualised Whisper Wise®program will include all aspects of your dog’s general well-being and tailored to complement your lifestyle and desired outcomes.

We believe that a healthy, well-mannered dog is a happy one.

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.