How experienced are we?

DogTech is one of Australia’s oldest and fully-accredited dog behavioural specialists. Over a quarter of a century ago, the late John Richardson founded the company after spending a lifetime studying and training dogs.

We are a full member of the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (AAPDT) and have rehabilitated or assisted tens of thousands of dogs based on John’s humane principles and his world-acclaimed Whisper Wise® methodology   ̶   a series of holistic techniques based on the rudiments of dog psychology, gentle instruction and calming rehabilitation techniques. Our highly-trained team also works with veterinarian clinics, dog breeders and dog rescuers and shelters, and other members of the pet industry.

How different is our approach?

DogTech gives every dog a voice, so they’re understood. Our mission is to create the ideal environment for you so you can enjoy a long and loving relationship with your dog.

Our Whisper Wise® methodology will help you understand how dogs think and react, and how to communicate with them. Whether you are introducing a puppy to your home, have an aged dog or an adopted or fostered a rescue dog, DogTech can overturn any negative behaviours or stubborn traits with gentle instruction and guidance.

We tailor individual dog behavioural programs that focus on instinctive behaviours, communication, living environment, general obedience, nutrition and health care, all of which provides effective results and long-term benefits. Clients are also not under any obligation to sign contracts.

What is the difference between obedience and behaviours in dogs?

The nuances of obedience and behaviour are often misunderstood. Obedience involves teaching your dog a series of commands while behaviour is about the psychological state of the dog and how it behaves and reacts.

Not only do we address your dog’s behavioural issues and the external influences that may affect its well-being, but we also provide gentle instructions and uncomplicated applications based on DogTech®‘s trusted and successful Whisper Wise® methodology and educate you on the psychology of dogs.

What is dog pack hierarchy in the home?

You are the pack leader when there’s only one dog in the house. But when there’s more than one dog, it’s important to maintain pack leadership so that both or all of the dogs remain subordinates.

Just observe how your other dog responds to your alpha. For instance, one dog may exhibit aggression and claim the best seat or bed, be the first in line to move through a doorway or snap at the other dogs when they’re eating. The more submissive dog will simply follow and surrender its seat, food or toys to the more dominant one.

What are some of the signs of dog behavioural issues?

Many of the dog behavioural issues we address on a daily basis includes –

  • anxiety, territorial and anti-social actions
  • improper excitement
  • general obedience
  • excessive barking and digging,
  • problem chewing and other destructive conduct
  • biting and aggression
  • leash pulling
  • inappropriate jumping and other disapproving traits

Do we offer in-home visits?

Yes, we do! DogTech®  conducts in-home dog training sessions as well as puppy school classes, dog training seminars and dog awareness programs for the community. Each transparent program is individually assessed with a diagnostic solution and tailored to meet your dog’s needs and your lifestyle requirements. And because we value your business and commitment to your dog, we can provide additional sessions and support.

Why are in-home visits important?

The behaviours first become apparent in the home.

Not only will our dog behavioural specialists customise a dog behavioural program to your dog’s breed, unique personality and requirements, but they also take in hand any underlying behavioural issues and external environmental influences that may impact your household.

Along with providing ongoing acclimatisation assistance and development training in all aspects of general obedience and community etiquette, your dog behavioural specialist will provide you with a set of techniques that will create a stress-free environment for both you, your family and your dog.

Do I need to participate in the in-home program?


Yes you do, because as your dog’s pack leader, you will need to follow through with the recommended techniques. However, once you establish a routine and maintain consistency, you will enjoy a happy and stress-free environment in the home.

In fact, the more your entire household is involved, the more effective the results will be. There will be consistency throughout as everyone will be committed to the program.

What if the behaviours resurface?

There is no need to worry as your trainer will be on call to help provide you with the tools to re-establish the recommended techniques. And you’re already on the right path by taking action.

Do we offer Puppy School and Group Classes?

Yes, we do! DogTech conducts Group Classes for dogs aged from 17 weeks (five months) and older in conjunction with Local Council on select Saturdays in your local park. Fun, engaging, and informative, we will teach your dog to stay calm around other dogs while we demonstrate the basics of pack behaviour, general obedience, and community etiquette.

We also conduct Puppy School classes for young pups aged between eight and 16 weeks. Held at local veterinarian clinics where the rooms are safe and hygienic, the DogTech® Puppy School is fun, informative and a great experience for you and your puppy.

Over the one-hour-three day course which spans three weeks, we provide plenty of off-lead play time along with direct-instructional training.