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Franchise Business Opportunities:

If you’re customer-focused, possess marketing acumen and have a passion for dogs, DogTech® International will welcome you to submit an expression of interest in becoming a trained dog behaviouralist. If you do become a DogTech franchisee and valued team member, you will be joining one of Australia’s oldest and most established dog behavioural specialists and recognised leader in the lucrative pet franchise industry.

Headquartered in Sydney, DogTech’s proven and trusted business model is based on the Franchise Council’s best practice management and each franchisee will receive full support by an experienced and highly-trained support team – each just as dedicated to your business venture and success as you are.

Founded by the late, John Richardson in 1990 and managed today by Richard McDonald, CEO, DogTech® International conducts successful in-home and community-focused dog behavioural programs across Australia. Additionally, the company tailors a variety of programs exclusively for community-based service providers such as Australia Post, local government, veterinarians, dog rescue organisations and other animal shelters as well as community events and major dog shows.
To achieve our the highest standards in the industry, DogTech has created a streamlined business portal and franchisee training program to deliver an effective and efficient franchise module. Our business component and philosophy includes:


  • Service delivery and core principles that focus on Results, Customer Satisfaction, and Value
  • Management and team members who support you and your business
  • Integrated Marketing and Inbound Media that builds the DogTech brand across Australia in your area
  • In-depth Whisper Wise® dog behavioural training and ongoing instructional guidance, corporate branding support to every team member and their designated area along with a culture that allows you the independence to build and establish long-term relationships with key customers, local agencies, and the pet industry-at- large.
  • An online portal for customers and new generation leads
  • A corporate infrastructure that allows your business run smoothly and effectively
  • A corporate head office for you to conduct business meetings
  • A comprehensive Operations and Training Manual to guide you in the field
  • Corporate training seminars
  • Ongoing business guidance through your start-up period
  • General Manager to help you develop a DogTech business plan to achieve growth and success
  • As a graduate of DogTech® International’s Whisper Wise® program, you will eventually go on to conduct behavioural dog seminars, puppy schools, and group classes

Working with your Best Friends – Dogs:

A DogTech® International franchise creates a variety of different business opportunities in the current, $4.62 billion pet industry.
According to Petcare Information and Advisory Service, the pet industry employs 44,700 people in the country. Australian Companion Animal Council equally states that Australia’s levels of dog ownership now stands at 3.41 million dogs or 36% of households owning a dog. These figures give Australia one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world and reflect the importance and role play dogs have in our lives with dog behavioural training, which is one of the fastest growing sectors.

Last year, the total spend on dogs in Australia’s multi-billion dollar industry accounted for 60% of the total expenditure or $3.6 billion in dollar value.
The shift towards the important role that dogs play in our lives was also demonstrated at inaugural, The Dog Lovers Show in Sydney in 2014, which saw ticket sales exceeding 14,000 entry passes over a three day period.

In 2015, there were over 27,000 dog owners in attendance over a two-day period. Asked by the Dog Lovers Show to exclusively headline their Ask-The- Trainer zone, DogTech® International, the event signified the value and trust consumers have in the brand.

A Franchisee’s Role:

We pride ourselves on the excellent standard of training and support that is provided to all franchisees along with the value and benefits they provide their clients.

In-Home Behaviour Modification:

Every day, DogTech® International receives calls by dog owners who need help with their canine companions due to behavioural issues including barking, jumping, dog aggression, separation anxiety, fear, toilet training and pulling on the lead.

Behavioural modification is carried out in owners’ homes where most of the problems arise.

Over the years, DogTech® instructors have saved hundreds of dogs from being ‘put down’, so there is enormous self-satisfaction from helping owners understand the way they communicate with their dogs. And the lucrative monetary opportunities are also plentiful as a result of the excellent service and results we provide.

Puppy Schools:

DogTech® International conducts Puppy Schools throughout Australia for puppies aged between eight to 16 weeks of age. Along with introducing puppies and their owners to basic behavioural training, our dog behavioural specialists cover subjects such as the puppy’s home-environment, toilet training, in-home safety, and training equipment.

Adolescent Group Classes for Dogs:

Once a dog reaches adolescence (around 18 weeks) it has now come to a new stage in its development; a stage where it’s in need of further training and socialisation. Owners who train their puppies are usually keen to continue their dogs’ education. DogTech® International conducts three-week obedience training group courses at Level 1, Level 2 and Advanced grades.

Adult Group Classes for Dogs:

DogTech® International’s obedience group classes, are designed for dogs that, for one reason or another, haven’t had the advantage of training in their earlier lives, or are need of further training. Courses for adult dogs are usually three weeks in duration.


DogTech® International has an array of products that are available for customers and the pet industry-at- large. These products are also part of every franchisee’s incentive rewards. The products include training equipment, behavioural programs, ‘Whisper Wise® Liver Treats and DogTech® leashes and collars.

“The Dog Whisperer” (an international best-seller) and “Whispers of Wisdom” (New Holland Publishers Australia) were written by John Richardson, DogTech® International’s founder. Both books are still available.

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Is owning a franchise the perfect fit for you?

Our goal is to ensure that owning a DogTech® International franchise is the right business for you and us.
There are many new independent ‘dog trainers’ who are now capitalising on the growing market. However, most are not trained in dog psychology – the very foundations of DogTech® International’s business module known as the Whisper Wise® methodology, which comprises unique and trusted techniques that immediately sets the company apart from the competition.

If you believe you possess the commercial attributes and skills to become a franchisee, we will welcome a formal letter of introduction along with your resume and expression of interest. Included in your letter, we would like to know why you would like to own your own business and why you’re interested in becoming a DogTech franchisee. Additionally, we would like you to identify five business and personal attributes you would bring to the DogTech brand that would help us realise the mutual benefits.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • How much can I earn?
  • Will a DogTech® International franchise allows me lifestyle flexibility?
  • Is my desired territory or region available?
  • How much training & support will I receive?
  • How much capital will be required?
  • Will I have to outlay further dollars for marketing and promotions?
  • Will I be required to attend promotional events?
  • Am I suited to DogTech® International’s culture?

Financial Investment:

The financial investment in Australia for DogTech® International franchises depends on the level of entry, area of interest and availability.

If you appreciate man’s best friend, enjoy helping people and would like to earn your living in a business that offers an excellent return and personal satisfaction, DogTech® International may be just right for you.

Thank you for your interest.

Richard McDonald
Direct: 0403 658 399 | Office: 1300 650 739 | Email |

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.