Group Training

/Group Training

New kid on the block:

One of the first important puppy behaviours to address in its young life are socialising and boundaries. And when your puppy reaches eight weeks of age, it’s important to set in motion the rudiments of manners and obedience.

DogTech® International’s acclaimed DogTech® Puppy School is specifically tailored for puppies of all breeds, aged between eight to 16 weeks. Held at local veterinarian clinics where the rooms are safe and hygienic, the DogTech® Puppy School is fun, informative and a great experience for you and your puppy.
Over the one-hour -three day course which spans three weeks, we provide plenty of off-lead play time in the puppy classes along with direct-instructional training. We also focus on age-appropriate behaviours and conducted in a safe, clean and engaging environment and review the behaviours that can start early in a puppy’s life.

By providing you with hands-on demonstrations and techniques, our dog behavioural specialists can implement the Whisper Wise® methodology to suit the individual breeds and temperaments of each puppy attending our classes.
At the end of the training, you will have the techniques that will allow your puppy to enjoy a smooth transition into adulthood.

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.