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Get social:

Your dog has reached the five months old milestone; an age where it must understand the fundamentals of dog etiquette in the home and the community. But so many young pups are not taught the basic socialisation skills when they’re taken on walks, romping through the dog park or out in the neighbourhood.

As there are so many distractions for your dog; new sights, sounds and “calling-signs” from other animals, it can be difficult at times to reign in your dog under the guise of ‘pack behaviour.’

DogTech® International conducts Group Classes for dogs aged from 17 weeks (five months) and older where we introduce your dog to the structured obedience and socialisation. Conducted in partnership with Local Council, our dog behavioural specialists will teach your dog the fundamental principles of community etiquette and safety over three weeks (one-hour classes – one day a week) in a fun and engaging way.

At each class, a team member will provide direct-instructional techniques – a hands-on approach that allows you to understand the way dogs think, communicate and responds, and a positive way for you to personally gain the right level of confidence and knowledge when you’re out and about with your dog.

There’s a reason why we are celebrating 25 years of success as one of Australia’s premier dog behavioural specialists. Our unique and gentle, Whisper Wise® methodology not only remains at the forefront of dog training but also our team of dog behaviour specialists are passionate about owners enjoying a long, happy life with their family dog.

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.