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Dog Behaviour Programs With Effective Results

Professional Dog Obedience * Dog Awareness + Dog Program Management Training * Puppy School * In-Home Dog Training * Dog Group Class * Community Dog Training * Dog Training Seminars 

Welcome to the world of DogTech® — one of Australia’s most trusted and professional dog behavioural training companies. We specialise in the instruction, education, and management of individual dog behaviours, no matter the breed, age, size or history. 

Your visit to our site is the first step towards understanding the very nature of your dog and countering any behaviours of concern.

Why? Our entire world is about dogs!

With over 25 years experience in rehabilitating and training dogs, our foremost goal is to create an ideal home environment for your dog [or dogs].

Over the years, we have assisted tens of thousands of dogs based on our world-acclaimed Whisper Wise® methodology — a series of holistic techniques that delivers effective results and long-term benefits.

Not only will your customised and easy-to-manage DogTech Whisper Wise® program help you understand how dogs think and react, our highly-trained dog behavioural specialists will provide you with a series of hands-on demonstrations and tips to guide you through the process; all of which are humane, and vet recommended. And because we value your business and commitment to your dog, we provide non-contractural follow-up sessions and support whenever it’s needed.

Lauded for our expertise in all areas of dog psychology and program innovation, DogTech® also partners or assists veterinarian clinics, dog rescuers, shelters, licensed breeders and foster carers, and government and community service providers. We are also a full member of the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (AAPDT).


Why don’t you join DogTech’s Online World?

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.