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What you need to know:

When you take your dog out in the community, it’s important that you find the right dog-friendly environment. Your dog will enjoy so many benefits when it has a chance to discover new places, new canine buddies, sights, and scents.

A great place to start is at a Council-designated, off-leash dog park. Not only does off-leash exercise alleviate potential boredom at home, but any constrained energy that has been building up is released in a healthy way.

Why don’t you visit your local Council’s website to locate the nearest off-leash park and view the rules of socialisation? This includes making certain that your dog is microchipped, registered and desexed and that your canine friend well-versed in dog etiquette; from having his/her mess hygienically taken care of to socialising with other dogs in a friendly way.

Skills all dogs should have:

DogTech® International conducts Group Classes for dogs aged from 17 weeks (five months) and older where we introduce your dog to the structured obedience and socialisation.

Conducted in partnership with Local Council, our dog behavioural specialists will teach your dog the fundamental principles of community etiquette and safety over three weeks (one-hour classes – one day a week) in a fun and engaging way.

So join in the fun and get social!

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.