Our Philosophy old

/Our Philosophy old


Positive motivation, consistency and rewards.

As with humans, dogs respond to positive motivation, consistency, good communication and rewards.

In 1990, DogTech® International’s founder, the late John Richardson developed the unique and highly-acclaimed Whisper Wise® methodology based on this simple, holistic approach.

Like John, we have remained passionate about dogs. Our mission is to educate dog owners and dog handlers in the community on the difference between behavioural responses and obedience, and to help them understand dog pack behaviours and the psychology dogs of all breeds share.

Our highly-skilled dog behavioural specialists are not only fully-trained in the Whisper Wise® methodology, their hands-on approach and continual training demonstrates DogTech® International’s commitment to creating a stress-free and happy environment for every dog.

DogTech® International’s belief is that every dog deserves to have a voice and caring owners should receive the best support and advice.

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.