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Do You Adopt or Foster?

From the Shelter to your Home:

Before you make any commitment, in the same way, you would when buying a pet; you should look at a dog that would best suit your lifestyle, your family and home environment. Stray and abandoned dogs are now finding a voice in the community.

More than ever before, prospective dog owners are looking to adopt or foster a dog. Yet with any adoption, there are many things you need to take into consideration before you make a commitment.

It’s always heart-rendering when you walk inside a shelter. The first thing to remember is that the selection and bonding process at the animal shelter should never be done in haste as there are several issues that first need to be addressed.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • Do I want a young dog or an old dog? Do I want a dog that has high energy levels? Is there a particular breed of dog that would suit young children? What would make the best companion dog for apartment style living?As with young children, you need structure and a routine with a dog, especially for feeding and exercise times. As an example, if you’re single and have a hectic lifestyle, owning a dog may impact your way of life. Then there is the location of the home and living environment to take into consideration. Do you have a good yard that can accommodate a dog and its toys? Do you live close to a local dog park — especially if you live in an apartment?
  • Other factors should also be considered such as the breed of dog, temperament and age, especially if you have young children. Are you also physically active or are you simply looking for a quiet companion?While the idea adopting a puppy may tick many boxes, we believe that adult dogs should not be overlooked in the adoption or foster process.You also need to be aware that an older dog will more likely than not be in need of veterinarian care at some point; especially if it’s elderly. However, there are other advantages that comes with age Your new, furry friend will less likely be in need of high-energy exercise and he or she will strike the perfect balance for one-on- one companionship.

The Dog’s History:

Every dog is unique along with its individual circumstances. While it may be hard to pinpoint its true character and traits —especially if the dog has experienced some level of trauma and has been at the shelter in confined space for an extended period, the staff at the shelter will have a good understanding of its temperament and contained energy.

Talk to them first and discuss any concerns with us.

Another great option is to consider fostering a dog before you make any long-term commitment. Remember, you are making a difference in the dog’s life, especially with its transition to its forever home.

No matter which course of action you decide upon, DogTech can assist with the shelter to in-home transition period so that you will be able to establish a loving and trusting bond.

DogTech® Home Set-Up:

One of the important steps in introducing any dog to a new home is to speak first with a DogTech behaviouralist to ensure that everything is correctly set-up.

We will not only provide you with direct-instructional support and a series of trusted Whisper Wise® techniques which will allow you to immediately establish boundaries and a routine adapted to your lifestyle; we will also help assimilate your new friend into its new environment.

The long-term benefits of our DogTech® Home Set-Up are not only rewarding, both emotionally and financially, but will help strengthen the loving relationship between you and your puppy throughout its life.

No matter if you adopted or foster a rescue dog, or buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, it’s important that you are always emotionally prepared to weigh-in the suitability of your lifestyle with your furry friend’s requirements.

DogTech is always there to support dog owners and foster carers, and their canine companions.

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.