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Averil was a great trainer who really worked well with every dog in puppy school! I have learnt a lot and it has helped me so much with my lab puppy. Averil also came to my home for a one on one session and I found this to be another great help. I would highly recommend anyone who gets a puppy to sign up and attend DogTech Puppy School – best money I have spent.
Liv Hobijn-Allen

I cannot thank Richard enough for all the help guidance that he has given to us in the training of our very much loved American Staffy. What a transformation for him and us. You have been very professional in his transformation of his aggression and patient with us your willingness to answer any of our questions goes beyond customer care. Thank you Richard, you’re the best.
Gaye Beauchamp

Averil from DogTech was fantastic in giving me and my partner knowledge on how to look after and care for our dog Poppy. We are pleased with the tips we learnt and Poppy enjoys practising (the) sit, come, stay and drop (commands) all whilst eating the DogTech Liver Treats. Thank you again Averil and we highly recommend this service/training.
Karlene Jennifer Kaur

BIG thanks to Jacqui Triggs for all of your support and words of wisdom! You are patient, understanding and offer not only great tools with training but the calm and common sense to make it stick! Truly recommended and worth the experience!
Donna Yates

We had Richard come to us and turn our little rascal around from a super anxious stressed dog into relaxed easy going fella with parents who now have been shown how to better leaders.
Naill Hanbidge

Olga was professional and pleasant. Olgas’ care and concern was evident at all times, with her training appropriate. I can highly recommend her.
Nic Puiu

Richard is by far one of the best trainers for dogs around..bravo!
Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich

DogTech is amazing – highly 100% recommend. Averil was just lovely & gave us very good behavior training for our 10 week old Rottweiler ‘Sasha’ – Averil was very professional & has a lot of experience with dogs!! It’s a must do. Thanks so much for everything – it’s much appreciated.
Bianca McNally

We just had our first Puppy class with Olga what a great teacher she is .We learnt so much in the time we had with her and our Hugo loved the class. We can’t wait to go back next week to learn more!!
Sonia Serra

Jacqui has worked tirelessly with me to help my rescue dog from his aggressive/overprotective tendencies. We have come so far in such a short space of time with him. Thank u so much 4 what u have done 4 us Jacqui. This has completed our home with our cheeky red heeler.
Michelle Greening Goldie

Please see our five star reviews on Facebook.

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