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Giving a dog a voice.

DogTech® International has over 25 years experience specialising in the training of dogs of all breeds, history, age, temperaments and background. Founded by the late, John Richardson in 1990, DogTech® International’s team comprise experienced and highly-trained dog behavioural specialists who assist dog owners and their canine companions every day across Australia.

As graduates of the Whisper Wise® International Behavioural Training Program, each gifted team member not only understands the way dogs think, react and communicate, but they also provide logical reasons behind the psychology and environments that influence the dogs’ behaviours.

As dog owners, they’re equally passionate about every dog’s emotional well-being; values that remain at the core of DogTech® International’s unique Whisper Wise® methodology and techniques.

DogTech® International is a full member of the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (AAPDT).

DogTech® gives every dog a voice so they’re understood.