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Get your dog ready for summer

The wonderful month of Summer is now fast-approaching, and to celebrate we recently teamed up with Bupa Pet Insurance and contributed to their post on ‘Fun Things to Do with Your Dog This [...]

Puppy proofing your home

The excitement and anticipation of bringing home a new puppy can be almost overwhelming! You have picked a new member of your home, bought a shiny collar and are thinking of the prefect [...]

Moving home with your dog

Moving can create a lot of stress for your dog. Reassuring routines get upended. Your dog’s keenly guarded territory gets changed. There are new people, new surroundings, and for a while they may [...]

Special needs of rescue dogs

Medical or behavioural issues may not be immediately obvious when you adopt a rescue dog, but its important to be aware of the possibilities so you can deal with them effectively, and build [...]

Tough toys for big dogs

If you own a large breed of dog, you’ll be well aware of how quickly their powerful jaws can destroy almost any dog toy you give them. In recent years, many toys have [...]

Hounds and Holidays

While there are good options for housing your furry friend while you’re away on holiday, don’t discount the possibility of taking her with you on your adventure. With You can now find pet-friendly [...]