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Teaching an Old Puppy New Tricks

Have the weeks rolled by and all of a sudden you’re faced with a Puppy that’s close to 16 weeks? He starts moving into puppy adolesce and testing boundaries, but you can’t seem [...]

The Guide to Improving Your Dogs Diet

Your dog's diet is something that you should always be mindful of. Why? It has both long and short-term impacts on the health of your pet. Building a balanced diet is not something [...]

7 Festive Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

It's nearly that time of year again – when households around Australia are preparing for the festivities! From roast dinners and fresh seafood lunches to all the sweets and sides in-between, the holidays [...]

Avoiding big problems with big dogs.

Proper training becomes even more important when you own a big breed of dog. Your cute puppy will quickly grow into a heavy object and a powerful force, so instilling good behaviour from [...]

Plants that are toxic for dogs

With the Summer holiday season nearly upon us, dog owners Australia wide will have more time to spend with their pets, exposing them to more environments. The seasonal period will also see many maintaining [...]