The First of Its Kind

Step into our home, to create harmony in yours.

DogTech Behaviour Training Centre

Welcome to a first of its kind dog behaviour and obedience training centre, where you are trained on site, within a simulated home environment.

DogTech Training Centre
DogTech Training Centre
DogTech Training Centre

At DogTech we draw on over 25 years of expertise, and our propriety WhisperWise® Methodology to deliver customised programs to solve you and your dog’s unique training needs.

To manage your dog’s behaviour, we believe you need to start by thinking like a dog. By doing so you will learn the true motivations behind:
need to take to manage it!

  • aggression
  • barking / whining
  • begging
  • Chewing
  • crying
  • Digging
  • Jumping
  • excitable behavior
  • fearful behaviour
  • nipping
  • noise sensitivity
  • playing rough
  • Separation anxiety

And, what’s more you’ll learn the steps you need to take to manage it!

At the DogTechBehaviour Training Centre, you will work with an experienced Dog Behavourist, who will draw on the WhisperWise® Methodology and help you understand the concept of dog etiquette or manners for a new approach to harmony within your home.

After an induction session, where we will uncover your specific issues or concerns, we will work within the home-simulation, to establish proper boundaries and an enriched understanding between you and your dog.

We have been working with people in their homes for over 25 years, and now we offer you the convenience of coming to ours!

I highly recommend Richard to train your dog. Not only have I learnt about dogs in general but myself as an owner and as to why he was stressed in the first place and how to manage him!


We have a German Shepherd and a corgi who have been fighting with one another and displaying separation anxiety, they were also barking a tremendous amount. We have been working with Richard for a few months now and have seen huge improvements with both our dogs.


Richard was very helpful when I reached out about my 8 week Amstaff. I didn’t know why he was behaving the way he was but after Richard came for the first session and explained to us what’s going on, it really really helped. Right now Bane is 20 weeks old and he has behaved and improved so much thanks to Richard.


Richard was highly recommended to us by a friend. Our Pug X puppy, was behaving badly. We thought it was typical puppy behaviour. He was nipping us, jumping up on us and out of control. Richard observed our pup in action and explained his behaviour. We used the tools Richard gave us, to train our dog. We now have a much calmer, happier dog.

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