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If you’re customer-focused and you have an undying passion for dogs, DogTech® International would love you to submit an expression of interest to become a trained dog behaviouralist and DogTech® Franchisee.

Why Franchise with DogTech® International

As a DogTech® Franchisee, you’ll be joining one of Australia’s most established dog training organisations, a recognised leader in the lucrative pet industry.

Headquartered in Sydney, DogTech’s proven business model is based on the Franchise Council’s best practice management. Each franchisee receives full support from world class systems and an experienced team, that is as dedicated to your success as you are.

Founded by the late John Richardson in 1990 and managed today by CEO and Master Dog Trainer Richard McDonald, DogTech® International conducts in-home, corporate, government and community-focused dog behavioural programs across Australia.

The company also tailors programs for community-based service providers such as Australia Post, local government, federal government, veterinarians, dog rescue organisations and other animal shelters, as well as for community events and dog shows.

To achieve the highest standards in the industry, DogTech® has created a streamlined business model and online operations portal.

Your financial investment in a DogTech® International franchise depends on your level of entry, your geographic area and your availability.

If you’re interested and want to take this opportunity further, kick off the process by filling in the form in the Apply Here tab. Let’s start the conversation and explore the options.

Your success is our success, so we have experts on hand to help you launch your new business in your geographic region. The way to grow our business is by providing the systems and support our franchise owners need to assist them to be successful and profitable – supporting them in delivering our brand promise to our customers.


DogTech® will help you develop a marketing plan detailing key objectives throughout the year. This plan ensures franchise owners and staff across Australia are aware of what is happening and can support the marketing activities on a local level.

DogTech® has embraced the latest digital marketing strategies and tactics. An excellent organic Google ranking, combined with innovative online and offline campaign strategies mean we can influence the market place. We have one of Australia leading marketing experts as the head of our marketing operations.

The DogTech® team includes a dedicated marketing director to ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing investment.

Marketing & Operations Portal

Our software team worry about the technical stuff so that you don’t have to. The DogTech® software system is cloud-based and integrated, streamlining every aspect of your business – from your CRM, scheduling, sales and conversion reporting, communications and ongoing billing. The platform is available on desktop and mobile devicves. Software experts are available during business hours for technical support should your require assistance.

Franchise Support

We have an intensive 2-week training program where you are taught the DogTech® WhisperWise® methodology; including behaviour training, daily operations and sales and marketing. With the support of our team of experts you’ll be supported towards a successful business launch! Following this, you have the benefit of our scheduled meetings and onsite visits detailing the latest methods to get your business performing with excellence in mind. No matter what you need, the DogTech® Support team is here to help you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions
We are currently accepting expressions of interest for regions across Australia. Applicants who register their interest for the same regions will be reviewed in order of submission date on a first come first serve basis. We’re planning to launch the DogTech® franchising program to the general public in January 2021.
DogTech® is one of Australia’s oldest, fully-accredited dog behavioural specialist organisations in Australia. We’ve been helping dogs and their families for over 25 years.
Our WhisperWise® methodology helps you understand how dogs think and react, and how to communicate with them. Regardless of age, breed or temperament, DogTech® can overturn negative behaviours or stubborn traits with gentle instruction and guidance. We tailor programs around instinctive behaviours, communication, living environment, general obedience, nutrition and health care, providing effective, long-term results.
Obedience is simply teaching your dog a series of commands, but etiquette is about applying dog psychology to establish a positive relationship with the dog – so it alters its behaviour naturally. When your dog understands its place in the household it’s less stressed and you can achieve real harmony.
Some of the common ones include: Anxiety, territorial and anti-social actions | Improper excitement | General obedience | Excessive barking and digging | Problem chewing and other destructive conduct | Biting and aggression | Leash pulling | Inappropriate jumping and other disapproving traits | Firework and thunder sensitivity
Yes! With DogTech® in-home training we’re able to thoroughly address all of the factors affecting your dog’s behaviour. Each situation is individually assessed and a program is tailored to your dog’s needs and your family’s lifestyle.
The behaviours first become apparent in the home. Our dog behavioural specialists can address any underlying behavioural issues and external environmental influences. They’ll provide you with a set of techniques to create a stress-free environment.
Yes, you do, because as your dog’s pack leader, you’ll need to follow through with the recommended techniques. In fact, the more your entire household is involved, the more effective the results will be, because everyone’s behaviour with your dog will be consistent.
Don’t worry, because your trainer will be on call to help you re-establish your positive relationship and good behaviour. When you’ve done it once, it’s that much easier to do it again.
Available Australian Cities and Regions

Melbourne, Australia

Canberra, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Townsville, Australia

Cairns, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Perth, Australia

Hobart, Australia

Darwin, Australia

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DogTech® WhisperWise® Methodology

The WhisperWise® Methodology has been the foundation of dog behaviour training in Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, Japan and the United Kingdom. Over the last 25 years the WhisperWise® Methodology through DogTech® has supported veterinarians, dog breeders and dog rescuers, has been featured in news stories, TV segments and magazine articles in Australia and around the world.

We continue to educate today through workshops and seminars and ongoing work with RSPCA inspectors, council rangers and dog shelters, the pet industry, veterinarians and major government organisations, providing expert knowledge and passionate advocacy.