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Dogs have distinct personalities that determine how they respond to their environment, and every home is different, too. Your dog’s negative behaviours are often intertwined with aspects of your house or lifestyle, and the causes of stress can become clear with an in-home session.

DogTech® Online

DogTech® Goulburn Valley is now able to offer Virtual Training Sessions that are led by DogTech’s Senior Trainer, Averil Coe.

The success of DogTech’s Virtual training program is based upon the WhisperWise® methodology, run from DogTech® Goulburn Valley’s dedicated Virtual Training Studio, the use of real time video technology conducted by our senior trainer Averil Coe, working with her own dog Jasper to deliver an outstanding live streamed training session.

Our Virtual Training session focuses on prevention strategies and training methods to deal with the following behavioural traits and areas of concern:

  • Excessive barking and jumping
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Over-excitement, digging and chewing
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Territorial issues including soiling and marking
  • Fearful Behaviour and Separation Anxiety
  • Nipping and Biting
  • Teething Problems
  • Toilet Training
  • Noise Sensitivity such as Firework and Thunder
  • Rehabilitation training for Foster and Rescue dogs

Virtual, real time, one on one behavioural training sessions and Puppy set-ups are conducted in the safety and comfort of the client’s home. The tuition is tailored specifically for the individual client and their dog or puppy’s needs. Lots of valuable information, opportunity to practice the training exercises with your own dog during the session, all your questions answered and your individualised training program given.

Please Note: All of DogTech’s methods are gentle. We never use harsh methods, devices or negative conditioning.

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