Dog Obedience Training In Your Home

Understanding dog behaviour is the key to an obedient dog.


Seeing the big picture.

Dogs have distinct personalities that determine how they respond to their environment, and every home is different, too. Your dog’s negative behaviours are often intertwined with aspects of your house or lifestyle, and the causes of stress can become clear with an in-home session.

Dog Obedience and Behaviour Specialists

Negative dog behaviours may include:  Excessive barking and jumping  |  Aggression  |  Anti-social behaviour  |  Pulling on the leash  |  Over-excitement, digging and chewing  |  Territorial issues including soiling and marking  |  Fearful behaviour and separation anxiety  |  Nipping and biting  |  Teething problems  |  Toilet training  |  Firework and thunder sensitivity

This is why assessing and training your dog in its day-to-day living environment is so important. During our initial visit, we’ll first identify any external issues that may be affecting your dog’s behaviour. Then, we’ll guide you through all aspects of owner-dog communication, behaviour and boundaries.

At the core of every dog behavioural program is DogTech® International’s acclaimed WhisperWise® methodology which corrects negative traits in a holistic approach.

No matter the breed, age or temperament of your dog, our team of highly-trained dog behavioural specialists will address any issue of concern and customise an individual dog behavioural program to specifically for your dog and your household.

If you’re bringing a new baby into your dog’s environment, we can implement a tailored WhisperWise® Bringing Up Baby program that will prepare and train your dog to adapt to the new, in-home lifestyle experiences and counter any potential behaviours that may affect your new family and dog’s well-being.

If you’ve brought a new puppy home, read about our Puppy Settling service.

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