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DogTech® Online

We understand that training your dog is especially important in these unusual times and that the current lockdown climate has changed the way we would normally do things. Fortunately, we are able to offer online dog training services and have been operational in virtual training for a number of years, mostly for our national and international clients, successfully delivering dog behaviour training to them, no matter the age, breed, history or size of your dog.

DogTech’s Online training success is based upon the WhisperWise® methodology, the DogTech® purpose-built training facility, with both indoor and outdoor environments, and the use of real time video technology conducted by our Master Trainer, working with a dog of similar age, breed or size, to deliver an outstanding live streamed training session.

Our Virtual Training session focuses on prevention strategies and training methods to deal with the following behavioural traits and areas of concern:

  • Excessive barking and jumping
  • Aggression
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Over-excitement, digging and chewing
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Territorial issues including soiling and marking
  • Fearful behaviour and separation anxiety
  • Nipping and biting
  • Teething problems
  • Toilet training
  • Noise Sensitivity such as Firework and thunder
  • Rehabilitation training for foster and rescue dogs

We also provide our successful Puppy Set up and Settling program via our Virtual training platform, for people who are welcoming their new puppy into their home.

The DogTech® online dog training key features are:

  • Our 25+ year history and pioneers of behaviour focused training methods
  • Our WhisperWise® program is customised to your circumstances
  • Run by a professional master trainer, Richard McDonald, a highly experienced dog behaviour specialist, who is able to coach you through the program whilst reading and understanding your dog, in real time
  • Our Virtual sessions are run from our professional and purpose built training centre
  • Established tried and tested virtual training program
  • We have performed virtual training from the simplest to the most difficult cases with great success
  • Learn differences between human and dog communication and see what sets us apart
  • Understand how your dog thinks, learns and reacts
  • Adopt the right type of communication with your dog
  • Local, national, and international training performed

Our informative sessions are led by a highly experienced dog behaviourist. Family involvement in your dog’s training is highly recommended

DogTech® Online Dog Training

Our online training sessions are similar to our in-house training sessions and focus on both you and your dog. Family participation is also supported, and we encourage everyone in the home to be involved where possible.

Before we book a session with you, we will have a conversation to discuss your specific needs and confirm that you understand how it will work. Once this is complete and you are happy with the process, we can proceed to book a suitable date and time with you.

Once your booking is confirmed and a date and time is set for your session, all you have to do is simply click on the online meeting link that we have sent you, and a video call will be initiated between you and your dog trainer.

Our master trainer will conduct all our training from our specialised dog training centre so you will be able to view not only the training session, but also a training environment able to demonstrate all the tools and equipment that you may require to help support your dog inside your home environment.

Our trainer will coach you through the program in real time, and to make things easier, we have a dog of similar age, breed or size working with our trainer to guide you through each step of the way.

Richard - Online Dog Training Session

Our WhisperWise® methodology is the primary foundation for your training and is easily able to be communicated and demonstrated through a virtual session. Our in-session videos are also used to help you understand the approach more clearly.

Typically, a training session runs for 2-3 hours depending on your specific circumstances. Although we never cut a training session short and will ensure that when we’re completed, the base goals are achieved to ensure your dog is in an appropriate and relaxed state of mind.
When the session is complete, we also provide support via phone consultations to see how things are progressing and to cover any issues you may be experiencing.

Online Dog Training Goals

During your first session, the DogTech® online training will achieve the following goals:

  • Identify and understand what is going on with your dog by revealing any external factors and individual traits that can influence a range of challenging and often misunderstood behaviours.
  • Create and implement a program with the right type of training to help combat any anxieties, stresses and challenging behavioural traits.
  • Work towards the steps in helping to achieve a calmer dog. We will establish boundaries and create the right foundations for good manners, a move that will be a step closer to achieving social harmony.
Richard - Online Dog Training Session
Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve been running online dog training sessions for the better part of the last 8 years. Initially these were conducted via Skype and mostly to help service overseas clients with difficult dog cases.
Although many sessions have had their challenges, we would say the most complex case involved an aggressive dog that was stuck in South American customs without permission to enter the country due to its aggression. We successfully managed to teach the owner how to calm the dog down enough to allow customs to feel safe about letting it into the country – all via a mobile FaceTime session.
Our WhisperWise® methodology helps you understand how dogs think and react, and how to communicate with them. Regardless of age, breed or temperament, DogTech® can overturn negative behaviours or stubborn traits with gentle instruction and guidance. We tailor programs around instinctive behaviours, communication, living environment, general obedience, nutrition and health care, providing effective, long-term results.
Obedience is simply teaching your dog a series of commands, but behaviour is about applying dog psychology to establish a positive relationship with the dog – so it alters its behaviour naturally. When your dog understands its place in the household it’s less stressed and you can achieve real harmony.
Some of the common ones include: Anxiety, territorial and anti-social actions | Improper excitement | General obedience | Excessive barking and digging | Problem chewing and other destructive conduct | Biting and aggression | Leash pulling | Inappropriate jumping and other disapproving traits | Firework and thunder sensitivity.
We are not currently able to offer our In-home dog training sessions. The NSW government will guide us on when we can resume our In-Home service.
Yes. We have found that virtual training is a great platform and we’re able to provide an online solution that is comparable to home training.
Yes, you do, because as your dog’s owner, you’ll need to follow through with the recommended techniques. In fact, the more your entire household is involved, the more effective the results will be, because everyone’s behaviour and communication with your dog will be consistent.
Don’t worry, your trainer will provide support via phone consultations to see how things are progressing and to cover any issues you may be experiencing. Additional sessions can be booked too, to help progress through the program fully.

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