Our History

An organisation built on the joy of dogs.


The original dog whisperer.

Over a quarter of a century ago, business executive John Richardson walked away from the corporate world to focus on his passion. He spent the rest of his life studying and training dogs.

John founded DogTech® International on his humane principles and the belief that every dog needed to have a voice to be understood. He rejected harsh methods in favour of positive relationships.

As the creator of the WhisperWise® methodology – a system of techniques based on dog psychology, gentle instruction and calming rehabilitation – John was at the forefront of dog behaviour training in Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, Japan and the United Kingdom.

His work with veterinarians, dog breeders and dog rescuers was featured in news stories and magazine articles in Australia and around the world. His profile continued to build through his workshops and seminars and his ongoing work with RSPCA inspectors, council rangers and dog shelters.

As WhisperWise® grew in popularity, John set about building a small, highly-skilled team of dog behavioural specialists to take on the growing demand.

He also wrote two acclaimed books: ‘The Dog Whisperer’ (New Holland, 2001) and ‘Whispers of Wisdom’ (New Holland, 2006).

Sadly, John Richardson passed away in 2014, but his creation continues to go from strength to strength. DogTech® now operates under a franchise model in several states of Australia, led by one of John’s own graduates: leading WhisperWise® specialist Richard McDonald.

Honouring John’s legacy, Richard and his team work with the pet industry, veterinarians and major government organisations, providing expert knowledge and passionate advocacy.