Our Philosophy

Correcting behaviour is about building a relationship.

A unique solution for every dog.

No two households are the same, so there’s no single answer to a dog’s issues. Remember, we’re not attempting to ‘control’ the dog, we’re creating a lasting relationship between you and your dog that guides behaviour naturally.

We call this training ‘etiquette’ rather than ‘obedience’. Sure, an obedient dog will do what it’s told. But a dog with good social etiquette often knows what to do without being told, and doesn’t require constant ‘rewards’.

Your WhisperWise® program, customised to your circumstances, will help you understand how your dog thinks and reacts. Our highly-trained dog behaviour specialists provide you with a series of hands-on demonstrations and tips to guide you through the process.

The behaviour is just a symptom, so we begin by identifying ‘The Why’ – the underlying cause. If you just try to deal with the behaviour it’s like pushing down the tip of an iceberg.

What’s hidden below the surface is just going to drive the issue back up.

Our mission is to educate dog owners and dog handlers on the difference between behavioural responses and obedience, and to help them understand dog pack behaviours and dog psychology.

Of course, few behavioural issues are solved overnight. It takes time to build a great relationship, so as part of our mutual commitment to your dog, we provide non-contractual follow-up sessions and support whenever they’re needed.