Have the weeks rolled by and all of a sudden you’re faced with a Puppy that’s close to 16 weeks? He starts moving into puppy adolesce and testing boundaries, but you can’t seem to get him in to puppy school.. you’re told he’s just too old!

There are many behaviour changes taking place in 16-week old puppies, they tend to have boundless energy and will engage in lots of play. At this time, they are undergoing several physical changes that are gradually morphing them into young adults. Although they’re rapidly growing and becoming taller and longer their minds are still like puppies, making it the perfect time to keep your puppy’s mind stimulated through training and stimulated play.

Between the ages of 4 to 6 months your puppy will begin to understand their role in the pack and begin to pick up on more cues. This is one of the best times to train your puppy and start to demonstrate independence.

Most puppy schools only take pups between the ages of 8-16 week but at Dogtech we’re here to help dogs of all stages of the life cycle.

Training of older puppies is great to address behaviour like

– Walking on a lead comfortably

– Giving items back or leaving them when asked

– Being home without being destructive

– Coming when called

– Staying calm and avoiding aggressive or over excited reactions

Our 16 Week Plus  Puppy School, introduces you and your dog to structured obedience and socialisation. Our dog behavioural specialists teach your puppy community etiquette and safety over three weeks (one hour a week) in a fun and engaging way. Providing hands-on demonstrations, our behavioural specialists adapt the WhisperWise® methodology to the temperament of each puppy.

This course will equip you with the techniques to give your puppy a smooth transition into adulthood.

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