Routine interactions

Puppies can be confused very quickly, which is why it is important that interactions with your new puppy are consistent and routine. It’s essential that all members of the family call the puppy by its correct name, so it can understand this early on (this makes future training much easier). Routine patterns are also vital, as they help to ensure that your new furry friend has a schedule – whether it be the time they eat, sleep or play.

Everything takes time

Patience is one of the most important attributes to have when it comes to getting a puppy. Similarly to children, learning and understanding will take your puppy time, so before you bring a puppy home you should consider the time allocation it will require to successfully integrate the puppy into the family. The stronger the puppy can assimilate into a routine, the happier it will be (and the happier you will be).

Appropriate Food

Did you know that any changes to a dogs diet must occur gradually? Modifications to your dog’s diet should be integrated over one full week, otherwise, your dog may have an upset stomach, or even refuse to eat the new type of food. When you pick up your new puppy, be sure to find out what food it has been eating, so the dietary transition is effective and safe.

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Puppies are simply adorable, but because of this many new dog owners make big mistakes early on. Many people who introduce a new puppy into the family, often forget or don’t consider these essential factors which could have long-term impacts on the wellbeing of the puppy. Before bringing home your new member of the family, it’s essential to consider these 5 things.

Everything will be new

When a puppy is first brought home, it’s a very new and exciting experience for the entire family. Whether it be the first dog in the family or another canine addition, an important aspect of introducing a new pet to the family is often forgotten – and that is that the experience is entirely new for the puppy as well. Being taken home for the first time will be an overwhelming and disorienting experience for the puppy, so it’s important to avoid potentially confronting things, such as loud noises or an excessive number of people being present.

Setting boundaries

Although it may be tempting to give your new puppy free reign throughout the house, it’s vital that you refrain from doing so. Before you bring them home, establish a list of ground rules which you will consistently enforce. Establish the area they will be sleeping, eating and have a set of rules which your dog must obey – including staying off the furniture!