Is your dog scared of thunderstorms? Your pet is not alone because storm phobia is an incredibly common problem amongst dogs! Dogs are more sensitive than we are which makes them more prone to be disturbed by changes in barometric pressure, along with the static electricity that occurs with thunderstorms. Some of the common risks associated with thunderstorms and dogs include:

  • Aggressive behaviour towards others
  • Overall level of safety at risk
  • Increased chance of running away
  • Stress levels rise

Dog’s who possess this phobia often display unwanted and destructive behaviour which can lead to them possibly injuring themselves in their panic.

Some typical signs of storm anxiety include:

  • Lowered ears and tail, wide eyes.
  • Pacing.
  • Panting and drooling.
  • Whining or howling.
  • Hiding
  • Involuntary indoor urination.
  • Destructive behaviour or even self-harm

A dog’s overall level of stress is extremely serious and complicated which should be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to combat this, if your pet often exhibits any signs of anxiety during a thunderstorm a behaviourist can work with you and your dog over time to help support them.

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