Get your dog ready for summer

The wonderful month of Summer is now fast-approaching, and to celebrate we recently teamed up with Bupa Pet Insurance and contributed to their post on ‘Fun Things to Do with Your Dog This Summer’. You can check out the article here. As the weather begins to heat up, you’ll be given the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors with your furry best friends.

As you and your dogs may be spending more time outdoors in the sun, ensuring your dog is sociable and friendly in your community is important. This way, you and your dog will be able to make the most out of the warmer months and make sure your pet is the happiest they can be. A friendly, sociable dog will give more opportunity to explore the area with you, so here are a few reasons why group classes are perfect preparation for your dog’s summer manners.

1. Get sociable
Group classes allow your pooch to improve their manners and social skills in an environment surrounded by other dogs. The development of these social skills is very important, as when walking your dog in summer you’ll likely cross paths with other dog walkers. It’s vital that your dog can be sociable and friendly with other dogs it may encounter throughout your journeys on walks, at the beach, or at the local dog park. Your dog’s manners are vital, and good social skills will allow your pet to have the best summer possible.

2. Working around distractions
During group classes, your dog can learn how to behave in an environment which may have many distractions. As they’re exploring in summer, your dog will be surrounded by new sights, smells and sounds, which can be a challenging experience for your dog. Once they are able to overcome these distractions, they will be more manageable, and you’ll be able to avoid difficult situations involving these distractions.

3. Holidays
Once your dog has been trained in a group environment, it may be easier to take them on your next road trip! Holidaying with your dog can be difficult, but group training can give your dog the ability to avoid distractions, and adapt to different environments where they can be effectively and easily managed. So maybe bringing your dog on your next holiday isn’t out of the question after all.

So there you go – three reasons why group classes are a perfect way to prepare your dog for the summer. Remember, summer in Australia gets hot, and this can have an impact on your dogs. Ensuring your dogs have a plentiful supply of water, a cool shady space to stay on scorching days and noticing any signs of potential heat stroke, including excessive panting/drooling, a rapid heartbeat and excessive thirst can help your dog stay healthy this summer.

Looking for fun things to do with your dog this summer? Check out our recent contribution to Bupa Pet Insurance’s blog here.