Special events such as Australia day can be a very frightening time for dogs due to the sudden booms, vibrations and flashes of light that come along with firework displays. It’s that time of year when Vets are overwhelmed with lost and frightened dogs, trying to find their owners. So we’ve put together top tips to help you keep your four-legged friends calm, happy and safe during the commotion that often occurs towards this time of year:

1. Make sure your dog is micro-chipped and that your contact details are up to date in case they accidentally escape. as your pet’s safety, as well as your peace-of-mind, depends on it

2. Proceed with caution! If your dog is scared and hiding, be careful with your approach, your simple reaching out to get them may be met with aggression and at worst a bite, if they are feeling trapped in a corner

3. Keep your animals indoors in a safe, secure and comfortable environment as they can get frightened and disoriented by the loud noise from the fireworks

4. Work with an expert to get your dog used to louder noises, training your dog to be comfortable with the sound of fireworks is essential to having a calm and well-socialised dog

5. Never tether your dog up as they can panic and choke themselves on a collar or lead.

6. Distract your dog; Put on some music or the TV to help mask the noise outside. There are plenty of downloadable content which can give you the opportunity to introduce your dog to these noises. It’s also important to try to engage them in normal activities such as playing.

7. Take your dog out for exercise before the fireworks start as exercise can help ease anxiety, tire them out and aid in relaxation.

8. Stay calm and avoid fussing over your pet excessively. Your dog can sense when you’re feeling panicky and will mirror your attitude.

From all of us at Dogtech, we hope you and your furry friends enjoy a safe and happy holiday!