You may be wondering if Puppy Daycare is the right option for your furry friend. The truth is, not all Puppy Daycare services are created equal! We explore the incredible behaviour benefits that comes with attending the right puppy daycare and why DogTech stands out from the crowd!

Not All Dog Daycare Centres Are Alike

It is important to note that most puppy daycare centres are not exclusive to puppies, meaning dogs of all ages are grouped together. At DogTech® we have created a service dedicated to puppies alone, to prevent risks such as attacks, injuries and insecurities and to ensure that your puppy has a positive experience.

It is the same reason we don’t send pre-school children to primary schools, and primary school kids to high schools, our puppies need a chance to be around other dogs at a similar stage of development to them.

DogTech’s puppy-centric approach to puppy daycare, focus’ on the importance of starting your puppy off on the right paw. We develop the right etiquette and manners for your puppy to learn how to socialise, interact and behave both in the daycare facility and in the outside world.

Puppies who have regular healthy interactions with other puppies live a healthier, happier, and well-balanced life! It teaches your pup to be comfortable in all social situations, learning etiquette and manners. This is perfectly suited to building puppy confidence that translates into a better adjusted puppy adolescence and adulthood.

Just like all dog daycare centres are not alike, not all dogs are alike. This is an important factor to remember when considering daycare for your dog. We understand that every puppy is unique with different ways of learning. We aim to firstly understand your puppy to ensure we are providing the best personalised care.

We will ensure that your puppy is receiving the best care in a safe, structured and secure environment.

Why DogTech Puppy Daycare with WhisperWise® Is A Perfect Puppy Match

With over 25 years in dog behaviour training, DogTech® was one of Australia’s first dog behaviour specialist organisations, and pioneer with the WhisperWise® Methodology.

WhisperWise, is a system of techniques based on dog psychology, that is unique to DogTech.  WhisperWise® shifts the focus from attempting to ‘control’ the dog, to instead creating a lasting relationship that guides behaviour naturally. With proven results, our holistic and gentle approach allows for a mutual understanding between you and your dog.

DogTech’s puppy daycare is underpinned by the proven WhisperWise® methodology. Our unique approach to daycare provides a holistic view on a puppy’s mental, physical and social wellbeing, creating a healthy balance to a dog’s wellbeing and cements a strong foundation for their future life stages.

Richard McDonald, CEO of DogTech, is a renowned Dog Behaviourist who has worked with dogs of all breeds, age, size and temperaments and has worked with thousands of puppies within a Puppy School environment and within an In-home environment, conducting DogTech’s Puppy Set up and Settling programs.

As a dog behaviourist trainer, Richard saw an essential need for a daycare service that catered positively to a puppy’s social development and individual needs.

Over the years, Richard McDonald has saw a trend in people seeking help with their dog’s behaviour after their dog had been attacked or mistreated whilst attending other daycare centres or facilities. This experience creates a negative impact in a dog’s life, manifesting in ongoing negative behavioural traits.  In 2018, Richard McDonald decided to create a purpose-built training centre that focused on the need for the socialisation of dogs, and in particular puppies without the devastating risks.

What Makes DogTech’s Puppy Daycare Special?

Our puppy daycare is exclusively for puppies up to 24 weeks of age. We reinforce positive play techniques, instilling a calm environment and build on our puppy school principals using our WhisperWise® approach.

All of DogTech’s staff are WhisperWise credited and are trained to read and assess your puppy and know what signs to look for to avoid any negative interactions that could escalate if not professionally supervised.

At this stage in a puppy’s development, a puppy’s play group becomes influential in a pup’s life, so having DogTech’s trusted and experienced team supervising, will give you comfort that your puppy and the puppies in the group are well managed, happy and are in good hands.

DogTech® puppy daycare provides puppies between 8 – 24 weeks with the tools to help eliminate the negative behaviours that come with anxiety or your dog not understanding what’s expected of them. We promote positive play and socialisation with other puppies in a safe expert-supervised environment.  Most often, play in puppies can be misunderstood. What most people perceive as playful puppy behaviour can be easily misunderstood if not identified correctly.

Our team of WhisperWise® credited trainers, will establish the right boundaries for positive puppy play, teaching them to learn through play in a calm and positive environment, setting the right tone for your puppy’s development.

Our Puppy daycare is great for our in-home clients who have invested in DogTech’s in-home training services and can have the comfort in knowing that the processes of what they have put in place at home will be emulated at the daycare centre, creating an alignment between their home environment and our daycare centre. It gives our clients the peace of mind that all of their efforts won’t be undone, giving the puppy the best chance of success. Our team of WhisperWise® credited staff are dedicated to giving all of the puppies attending the daycare facility a quality and personalised experience.

Why You Should Avoid Mixed Age Doggy Daycare Centres for Your Puppy

Just like babies, the early stages of life are the most critical in establishing a strong foundation. Puppy socialisation is a vital part of the development period, so it is important that your puppies experience is not an overwhelming one. There are many reasons why mixed aged dog centres are not a good fit for your puppy, bigger and older dogs coming into daycare may not have had the appropriate training, therefore creating risks of an attack on your pup. It is increasingly difficult to reverse the long-term negative effects if your puppy is attacked which can destructively impact their personality traits and behaviour. We minimise this risk by creating a safe puppy friendly environment specifically catering for puppies aged between 8 weeks and 24 Weeks.

Why is the DogTech® Approach Better for Puppies?

Our Puppy Daycare program especially designed and tailored for puppies and is all about creating healthy habits for your puppy so that over time they develop positive behaviours leading to harmony in your home. As the only daycare centre of its kind in the country, we are dedicated to giving your puppy a quality, personalised experience and teaching puppies to learn through play in a positive environment. Completely designed by our head behaviourist with decades of expertise in the field of dog psychology and behaviour for maximised results, our focus is on instilling positive puppy personality.

DogTech’s Puppy daycare centre is thoughtfully designed to get the best out of your pup and everything in the centre right down to its finer details have been considered, even the toys that the puppies play with are hand picked to ensure the best outcomes for your puppy.

The centre has three different environments (an indoor play area, an outdoor play area and a relaxation area to ensure that the pups are well rested) to accommodate for supervised play times, scheduled training times, planned feeding times, dedicated rest periods and a focus on calm and positive outcomes of all puppies attending.

The strict cleaning protocols in place, ensure that your pup is in a clean, safe and hygienic environment. The DogTech® centre runs puppy school, puppy daycare and has a specialised retail section, where all products are selected with your puppy’s development in mind.

By choosing the DogTech® approach you are maximising the chance of your puppy growing healthy and confidently psychologically – meaning harmony in your home.

Our flagship Puppy Daycare centre is located in Sydney’s Inner West, if you are interested in securing a spot or looking to find out more, get in touch with us today! You will see the benefit when picking up your puppy after day-care in the form of a calm, relaxed, and well-socialised puppy.