Your dog’s diet is something that you should always be mindful of. Why? It has both long and short-term impacts on the health of your pet. Building a balanced diet is not something that occurs overnight – it must be a gradual process.

Any modifications to your dog’s diet should be made over a matter of weeks, to avoid any potential issues with your dog’s digestion of their new foods – as their digestive system is much more sensitive than humans.

Here are 4 ways to gradually improve your dog’s diet.

  1. Be More Observant

Truly understand all the food that your dog is consuming. Is a certain family member feeding them different food each night, or are they sneaking in snacks? By understanding all the foods that your dog is eating, you will be able to understand where you can make change their diet to see health improvements.

  1. Cut Out-of-Routine Foods

This is a big one for many pet owners – and after observing the whole diet of your dog, it’s vital to cut out foods and snacks that are “out-of-routine” to your dog. Establishing routine is one of the most important ways to properly train your dog, so exposing them to foods which are out of their routine (which are most likely unhealthy as well), should be removed from your dog’s diet!

  1. Consider Dental Health

An often-overlooked aspect of a dog’s diet is that they’re unable to brush their teeth like us humans can. Considering dental health when planning a dog’s diet is vital – and many pre-packaged dog foods will specify any dental benefits that the food may have. Look out for this, and be mindful of this when building a balanced diet. Another way to check your dog’s dental health is to simply ask your vet during your next check-up.

  1. No Leftovers!

An important thing to remember when planning your dog’s diet is that there’s no such thing as leftovers! The digestive system of canines responds differently to the foods us humans consume, as they have much more sensitivity in this area. Get out of the habit of feeding your dog leftovers, even though it may be more cost effective or seem easier. Many foods that we can consume are dangerous for dogs – which we recently wrote about over the festive season.

So, there you have it – 4 simple ways to improve your dog’s diet. Although they seem like small changes, they will have an impact on your dog’s health and happiness, and help them live the healthiest life possible!

If you’re interested in learning more about dog behavioural training and balanced diet development, feel free to reach out here and find out how DogTech can help.