Puppy Setup & Settling

Helping your puppy settle into its new home

The right start in life.

Puppies are adorable, especially when you introduce them into your home. The magic moment is when you see your puppy discover new sights, smells and sounds – but there’s also that quiet layer of anxiety about how it will adjust – and how you will.

Puppy Behaviour and Obedience

How do you remain calm as your puppy exerts boundless and sometimes tearaway energy?

Well, our simple, practical DogTech® Home Set-Up program can establish a safe and happy environment for you and your puppy.

Our highly-skilled WhisperWise® dog behavioural specialists will help you create a puppy-proof home and establish the right behaviours for your new family member. We’ll also discuss how your family can help maintain your puppy’s calm state of mind.

One of the most important steps in a puppy’s immediate development is assimilating into its new home environment.

Your behavioural specialist will assess your puppy in its new home, ensure that everything is correctly set-up and provide you with trusted WhisperWise® techniques to immediately establish boundaries and clear pack leadership.

We’ll also answer all of your questions: how much time to spend with your puppy, where your puppy should sleep, how to deal with anxiety, toilet training, and much more.

The long-term benefits of our DogTech® Home Set-Up are not only rewarding, both emotionally and financially, but will help strengthen the loving relationship between you and your puppy throughout its life.

Learn about puppy settling in our masterclass, click here to learn more!